WordPress You Fancy

I started using WordPress again this week for the first time in years. Color me impressed.

I had spent years doing WordPress development and I’d occasionally write my own posts. Last time I used it everything felt antiquated.

But this editor. WOW. It’s so nice that I couldn’t even imagine wanting to use another CMS.

It’s likely that developing for it still has a lot of the same difficulties, but this is true of any old codebase. If the post editor is any indication of how the code is changing then I have to imagine it’s improving.

Further, unlike previous times where I had to fiddle w/ a janky host or try to remember how to configure my server this time I just used Laravel Forge which has a one click WordPress install.

Easy peasy


Brining Back The Blog

While I sit in physical isolation and thinking of what to do with my time I recalled that I used to have a blog. While it was updated infrequently I do recall it being fun. So I’ve decided to bring it back.

Similar to my old blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my interests. As I recall my old blog sparked a few discussions and created a few fun interactions. This blog won’t have any particular theme other than my interests, which currently include COVID-19, politics and world events, and how organizations work (governments, companies, crypto, etc.).

While this blog doesn’t have a specific theme I do have a few goals:

  1. Share my thoughts with people I otherwise wouldn’t be interacting with.
  2. Spark discussions with my thoughts.
  3. Find focus through sharing.

Out of all ideas I’ve come up with over the past few weeks this one excites me the most and I look forward to continuing it.