BTC ain’t as great as you think, but it’s still great.

I literally agree with every word in both the text and image of this tweet:

Many people find it hard to believe that everything in this tweet is completely logical.

Cryptos are highly volatile, which makes it a bad investment, but good for trading.

Cryptos have not shown evidence of hedging inflation or being stable against US market fluctuations.

Cryptos such as Bitcoin entirely depend on someone wanting a BTC for more money than you paid. There is no inherent economy around BTC.

Also, long Bitcoin, short bankers.

Current Affairs

Corporations (probably) didn’t do it

The era of “blame everything on corporations because they won’t respond” is coming to an end.

Thank god.

The logical fallacies that politicians and constituents would continue to parrot has been one of the more annoying things to listen to.

Corporations speaking out loud is good not because “oh wow they got him”, but because now it will begin to force a real dialog instead of just letting them be a political punching bag.

Maybe now real progress can be made.