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I’ve Created a Social Distancing T-Shirt

So given the current events I have some extra time on my hands. I was brainstorming for new things to do with my time. Honestly, the first thing I did was order juggling balls, but the delivery is delayed until the end of April.

I then thought, how can I do something that will help me grow and help to support myself and others who are having difficulty right now?

I decided to create a t-shirt. I thought back to my childhood and things that made me laugh that could be relevant, and this is what I recalled:

Scene From Arrested Development

And thus, the NO TOUCHING Tee was born!

NO TOUCHING! Tee – Arrested Development inspired social distancing t-shirt

$5 of every shirt is going to be donated to Feeding America. I think everyone should buy one (go do it now!), but if you don’t care for the shirt then consider donating directly to Feeding America.

For those of you wondering “how is this about growth”? The answer is that I’m learning to market.

It’s exciting for me as it’s so incredibly different from working in technology. I’m a complete novice at this and so even the act of learning how to learn it seems to be hard.

So far I’ve decided to launch it on Product Hunt. I think it is allowed to be posted there, but I’ll find out for certain after it goes live.

Over the next few days I’ll be figuring out how to make more content to market this shirt. Hopefully I’m able to get stuff together without spending a fortune.

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