Current Affairs

Scarves Vs. Masks

The President has mentioned a few times that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to cover your face with a scarf. I also think I recall watching him say that it may be better than a mask because they’re thicker.

Which got me wonder: Would a scarf be better than a mask? We don’t have any official scientific guidelines on this, so we’re really left to our own deductive reasoning to figure it out.

After a few minutes of thought I decided the answer must be ‘no’. But why is the answer ‘no’? Because in order for it to be ‘yes’ one of two things would have to be true:

  1. Doctors are choosing to wear scarves instead of masks
  2. There is a bigger shortage of scarves than masks

Now, all that being said, I do still believe a scarf is better than nothing. If you don’t have a mask you should really cover your face with anything you can.