Personal Growth

I’m Done Moving

For those who know me they know I’ve been traveling pretty heavily for the past four years. Sometimes I’m called a Digital Nomad, but I never really felt that term applied to me. Regardless of the label, it’s an activity I’ve been looking to lessen for a while. COVID-19 didn’t spark or cause it, but it did coincide with me stopping in one place.

So why did I decide to stop in one place even before COVID-19?

The exploration I was doing became dull. Another mountain in another town. Another beach in another country. Yes, some are nicer, but the growth had stopped. For the last couple of years it’s only when I stopped in places for a while that I was able to grow.

When I lived in SLC for a year(ish) I was able to learn how to hike and camp. While I still can’t start a fire (2020 goal) I was able to build up to doing a 3 day solo trip. For someone who has never thought more than a month ahead it was an amazing feeling to spend months working up the skills and comfort level to survive at ~11,000 ft. on your own for multiple days.

When I lived in Santa Teresa for ~5 months I learned how to surf. Another amazing time where I was able to go from sliding off my board while laying down to comfortably catching head high waves on a daily basis.

In neither of the above examples did I become some pro who you should be impressed with, but in both I had a lot of personal growth and achieved my goals. This is the answer to the original question of “why did I decide to stop in one place?”. After getting a lot of growth from experiencing different places I now require one place to grow. One place to find what I like. One place to dig in.

My initial idea was to head back to the mountains I loved so much (SLC), but from what I’ve read it’s changed a lot since I’ve been there. Then, with COVID-19 coming through it’s just not a friendly environment to move. So here I am happily at the NJ beach getting back in to surfing. With a bit of luck you’ll find me flailing on the water 7 days a week.

I intend to stay for a while so if you surf come flail with me.


Brining Back The Blog

While I sit in physical isolation and thinking of what to do with my time I recalled that I used to have a blog. While it was updated infrequently I do recall it being fun. So I’ve decided to bring it back.

Similar to my old blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my interests. As I recall my old blog sparked a few discussions and created a few fun interactions. This blog won’t have any particular theme other than my interests, which currently include COVID-19, politics and world events, and how organizations work (governments, companies, crypto, etc.).

While this blog doesn’t have a specific theme I do have a few goals:

  1. Share my thoughts with people I otherwise wouldn’t be interacting with.
  2. Spark discussions with my thoughts.
  3. Find focus through sharing.

Out of all ideas I’ve come up with over the past few weeks this one excites me the most and I look forward to continuing it.